What is Transition?

Transition is the process or a period of moving from one place to another. An example of a Mental Health Transition would be when a young person ‘transitions’ from Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Health services.

Want to know more about Mental Heath Transition? Head over to Mind’s Information Support Page to find out more!

We would like to hear YOUR views on Mental Health Transition!

If you’re interested to have your voice heard on Mental Health Transition, you can do this by completing the User Voice and Participation Team’s Mental Health Transition Survey! We highly value the feedback you give! The aim of the survey is to hear your views so we can positively help shape and change services.

Have a peak below to see the survey and also check out our emotional health and well-being service support pack for 18-25’s!

Your Views Matter – Mental Health Transition Survey

The User Voice and Participation team have created a transition survey to hear your views and experiences so that we can help shape and improve outcomes for young people transitioning! So, if you have or are about to transition out of a service or into another one, fill out our survey because your views matter!

Emotional Health and Well-being Services resource pack for 18-25’s

Feeling a bit lost or confused where to go? Check out our emotional health and well-being services pack for young people between 18-25 created by the User Voice and Participation Team to support you! Check out the services pack below for more information and who you can reach out to for support!

Mental Health Transition Overview Report 2020

The User Voice and Participation Team have created an overview report of the responses collated from the survey. Check it out below!

Please note that the survey is still ongoing. If you haven’t already completed the survey, click the link above to have your voice heard!

Have your voice heard!

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