Children’s Mental Health Week

Hear from Surrey’s Young Mayor This Children’s Mental Health Week, Surrey’s Young Mayor, Natalie Wingfield, would like to share her tips and experiences around mental health as a young person in Surrey… Growing together This year the theme for children’s mental health week is growing together. so, I would like to share with you myContinue reading “Children’s Mental Health Week”

The storm doesn’t last forever: a blog on bullying

WARNING: This blog includes sensitive topics that viewers might find triggering or upsetting to read. This includes bullying, mental health, suicidal thoughts, and sexual assault. This is my story… When I started Year 7, I went to a big high school with a lot of students, some of my family went to that school, soContinue reading “The storm doesn’t last forever: a blog on bullying”

Anxiety and me…

This blog has been written by 16 year old Jola, who is in the Surrey Youth Cabinet.  Over the past year, the effects of COVID-19 have not just become part of our external world – with masks and social distancing – but also our internal & personal world; There have been losses of different kindsContinue reading “Anxiety and me…”