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We will add useful resources here to support children and young people with their Emotional Well-being and Mental Health

User Voice & Participation Team Menu of Service

The User Voice and Participation Team have put together a menu of service detailing the different ways in which you can get your voice heard and get involved. This includes information on our participation groups, programmes, activities and support we can offer.

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support for Children and Young People in Surrey

The User Voice and Participation have created a directory of emotional wellbeing and mental health support available for children and young people in Surrey. Check them out below!

*Please note this document is currently out of date. The UVP Team are working hard to update this document.

Adolescent Webinar Workshops on Emotional Wellbeing

The Early Intervention Team have put together a series of webinars for schools, young people and parents on a variety of wellbeing topics such as:

  • Anxiety & in relation to Covid
  • Transition & in relation to Covid
  • Low Mood
  • Friendships
  • Self Esteem & Self Confidence
  • Anger Management

Check out their leaflet below for more information and the workshops!

Our Voice Matters Survey

Our Voice Matters is a survey facilitated by The User Voice and Participation Team. The survey asked children and young people for their opinions and views based on their community, safety, public spaces and various services they may have used in Surrey. Check out the below report to view the full feedback!

Quick Wins for Schools

Our CYA members said there needs to be “more mental health awareness in schools”. Take a read of some of the “Quick Win” suggestions we heard would make a real difference to young people in schools below!

CAMHS and Children and Family Health Surrey’s Early Intervention Resource Pack

CAMHS and Children Services would like to offer reassurance that services are available to offer support and advice with regards to the current COVID-19 situation. This resource pack has been developed to contain resources that may be helpful in supporting young people, their families and the schools in the forthcoming weeks. Make sure to check it out by clicking the link below!

CYA’s Ideal Mental Health Service

We asked CYA groups what their dream mental health service would look like. See below the innovative ideas that young people had come up with!

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week, we had an interview with our CYA member, Freya. See what she had to say for this week by clicking the below!

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