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Surrey Healthy Schools

A wide range of support and services are available for children and young people in Surrey to help maintain their well-being and address their emotional and mental health needs. Staff within key services have created brief introductory films so you can find out more about each of these services and meet some of the teamContinue reading “Surrey Healthy Schools”

Transitioning Back To School

The User Voice and Participation Team have been hearing from children and young people that are feeling apprehensive and anxious about returning to school. Read more about what young peoples anxieties are upon returning to school, including ways schools could help and support young people transition back to education. Don’t forget to also check outContinue reading “Transitioning Back To School”

Results Day!

We understand that young people getting their results are anticipating more anxiety this year. However, no matter what result you achieve, do not underestimate your hard work, you should always be proud of yourself! Wishing you the best of luck, from The UVP team✨ We would like to share useful resources with you from KoothContinue reading “Results Day!”

Youth Counselling Service

Youth Counselling Service offers short-term, 1:1 counselling across West Surrey and North East Hampshire for young people aged 12-24.  Did you know…

Quick Wins for School

The User Voice and Participation team have heard from Children and Young People that there needs to be “more mental health awareness in schools”. Take a read of some of the “Quick Win” suggestions we heard would make a real difference to young people in schools on our website!

Schools in Mind by Anna Freud

‘As schools and colleges prepare to close for summer, we know that many of you will be concerned about supporting pupils’ mental wellbeing over the coming weeks.’ To help, Anna Freud has created these fantastic useful primary and secondary resources for #SelfcareSummer which offer children and young people some fun self-care activities and signpost to additional support!Continue reading “Schools in Mind by Anna Freud”

CYA: The importance of communication with professionals

We asked young people what their views are on effective communication and participation with professionals. We asked on our social media platforms @ourvoicesurrey if young people would like to receive more virtual face-to-face support, 100% of (18) respondents said ‘Yes’! Head over to the link below and see what young people thought are best methodsContinue reading “CYA: The importance of communication with professionals”


We have been hearing from children and young people that they have been feel lonely during this difficult time. Gina, a UVP Advocate in the team has created some top tips for being alone during self-isolation without feeling lonely. Check it out!

Online Safety – Myth busters!

It’s important you make sure that you’re staying safe online. Our UVP Participation Officer, Helen, has crated some myth busters around online safety! See if you can get them right!

Reporting Cyber-Bullying

In a recent Instagram poll on @OurVoiceSurrey 76% of young people had been affected by online bullying. 69% of young people who answered our Instagram poll on @OurVoiceSurrey knew how to report online bullying, but if you are unsure how to, read more to find out how! Stay safe!

CYA: Cyber-bullying and the impact on young people’s mental health.

Cyber-bullying is fast becoming one of the biggest issues for young people. In a recent online Instagram poll on @OurVoiceSurrey, young people told us that 76% had been affected by a type of online bullying, with the majority being victims of bullying on group chats or on social media platforms. Read more to find outContinue reading “CYA: Cyber-bullying and the impact on young people’s mental health.”

How to – Strawberry and banana trifle

For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week theme, why not shower your kindness and make an appetising strawberry and banana trifle for your loved ones! Our User Voice and Participation Advocate, Sania, will show you how! Share your recreations with us, we hope you have fun making it, enjoy!

Sleep self-care tips

We understand that during this strange time, it is difficult to catch some sleep. Therefore, we created some tips that can help you sleep so you can look after yourself! Let’s talk about good sleep hygiene, we hope this works out for you!

Domestic Abuse guidance – where to get help

If you’re worried about abuse, your safety, or the safety of your friends or loved ones, please take a look at the resource and information pack created for young people by the User Voice and Participation team’ – it’s a bit of a ‘trigger warning’!

Lost your job or struggling with finances?

Due to the recent COVID19 pandemic, we understand many people are in a vulnerable position who are facing financial struggles. Our User Voice and Participation Team’s Apprentice, Amy has put together advice and useful information if you are in hardships! Read more to find out.

Staying safe online at home

Staying safe at home is important. If you feel you’re struggling, be sure to reach out to people who can help you! For more safety advice, read more to find out!


Have you been feeling angry recently especially since this COVID19 pandemic? Helen, a Participation Officer from the User Voice and Participation team created a post about anger and ways of coping with it!

Students help isolated people during Covid19 through #Task4Help

Since Universities have closed, students are out to help people in self-isolation using the new initiative #Task4Help launched by UniTaskr app. Through this app, people can task students to collect supplies and deliver in their homes! How thoughtful, right?! Read more to find out how this service has been helping so many vulnerable people!

Self-care tips during COVID-19

It’s difficult keeping your mental health positive and being distracted from this COVID-19 isolation we are all in. So, one of our amazing CYA Staines member, Tiffany, has kindly shared her experience and thoughts on taking care of your mental health. Thank you, Tiffany! Read more to find out!

CYA Guildford wellbeing workshop – ‘Flower of positivity’

Yesterday, CYA Guildford took part in a virtual workshop with Gareth from the CYP Haven, and collaboratively created this flower of wellbeing with petals of positivity on Zoom! We hope this flower brightens your day 🙂 Thank you CYA Guildford!

Self-care activities

One of our wonderful CYA Guildford member, Hannah, has created an amazing poster on her tips and ideas of activities for self-care! Thank you Hannah. Check it out!

Kooth are still here for you!

We would like to remind you that Kooth are still available online to support your wellbeing! Check out their posters below for more information.

Positive News!

As we near the weekend, we would like to share with you some positive news stories we heard in March 2020! Make sure to check them out! We would love to hear your positive news, get in touch!

World Autism Awareness Week!

We are so proud and privileged to be able to share Emma’s experience with ASD! Emma’s experience highlights Girls with Autism and Wishes for the Future – please take a moment to read and share! Thank-you Emma!

Isolation Tips!

Self-isolating can be really difficult so Georgia in the User Voice and Participation Team has created a guide to self-isolating, including fun activities you can be doing at home! Make sure you check them out! If you do any of the activities we’d love to hear from you and even see what you’ve created!

Virtual Support

The User Voice and Participation Team would like to share what virtual Emotional Well-being and Mental Health support is available to you! Accessing virtual support is so important to keep ourselves emotionally and Mentally supported especially during self isolation! Make sure to check the services out!

How To Keep a Structure During Self Isolation!

During this unsettling time it can be difficult to keep a structure or routine whist self-isolating. Joe, an apprentice in the User Voice and Participation shares some top tips on what we can be doing during self isolation! Check them out here!

Stop Bullying!

Bullying has a huge effect on young people’s mental health which can result in school refusal, high anxiety, depression, low mood and can also have a detrimental impact on young people’s education. Check out what CYA would like Surrey and schools to do to stop bullying! Remember be kind always!

Virtual CYA!

We are proud to announce Virtual CYA is taking place next week via Facebook Video Chat! Come and join in! Monday 23rd March: Guildford, Tuesday 24th March: Staines, Wednesday 25th March: Redhill, Thursday 26th March: Epsom.

Mental Health Awareness 2020

During Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we asked CAMHS Youth Advisor Freya a few questions on why mental health awareness is so important. Check out what Freya has said. It also includes top useful tips on being brave!

Ideal Mental Health Service

We asked CYA to come up with ideas about what their dream mental health service would look like.They really went creative and came up with brilliant innovative ideas! See our newsletter to see what these were:

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