CYP Haven

CYP Haven

An Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service for Children and Young People age 10-18 living in Surrey

The CYP Haven is a safe space for children and young people aged 10-18 to talk about their emotional wellbeing and mental health concerns in a confidential, friendly and supportive environment.

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Who works at the CYP Haven?

Surrey Wellbeing Partnership

The Surrey Wellbeing Partnership is a group of organisations working together to improve the wellbeing of Surrey children, young people and families. Professionals in the Surrey Wellbeing Partnership work at the CYP Haven too!

Youth Worker

Youth Workers at the CYP Haven support young people to develop better self-awareness and self-esteem; supporting young people with their well-being and social care needs.

UVP Participation Worker

UVP Participation workers ensure children and young people understand their rights to be listened to and empower young people to have their voices heard!

For more information on the CYP Haven check out the website below

Meet Our UVP Participation Workers!

Ensuring your voice is heard!

Nyki Clark

Georgia Kinsella

Helen Smith

“Actually brilliant”

I have used the CYP Havens many times before I turned 18. They saved my life. They were kind. Friendly and there for me.”

“The CYP Havens gave me back my confidence.”

“The CYP Havens have been really fantastic for my mental health.”

“The Haven is amazing and you can come and speak about anything.”

“The CYP Haven is very helpful, thank you for helping me – I love coming here.”

“The CYP haven is the best thing to have happened to Guildford!”

quotes from Young People who have used the cyp Haven
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