CYP Haven

CYP Haven

Mental Health Crisis Service for Children and Young People age 10-18 living in Surrey

The CYP Haven is a safe space for children and young people aged 10-18 to talk about mental health concerns in a confidential, friendly and supportive environment.

The CYP Haven is open:
Weekdays 4pm-8.30pm
Weekends 12pm-6pm

Who works at the CYP Haven?

Mental Health Practitioner

Mental Health Practitioners at the CYP Havens can offer children and young people 1:1 support, identifying and supporting mental health concerns.

Youth Worker

Youth Workers at the CYP Haven support young people to develop better self-awareness and self-esteem; supporting young people with their well-being and social care needs.

UVP Advocate

UVP Advocates ensure children and young people understand their rights to be listened to and empower young people to have their voices heard!

For more information on the CYP Haven check out the website below

Meet Our UVP Advocates!

Ensuring your voice is heard!

Nyki Clark

Redhill CYP Haven

Georgia Kinsella

Epsom CYP Haven

Sania Ahmed

Staines CYP Haven

Gina Munday

All CYP Havens

Helen Smith

All CYP Havens

The CYP Haven is currently closed due to COVID19, however the CYP Haven are offering a virtual service! Check out the below poster on how this works!

“Actually brilliant”

Young person who accessed virtual CYP Haven
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