What participation means to young people in Surrey

In October to December 2020, the UVP team asked all participation groups what participation means, what the benefits are and why they think participation is important. Check out a few quotes from young people here! Meaning: “You can learn new things from participating, by joining in and having fun!” “It means to be part ofContinue reading “What participation means to young people in Surrey”

Back to School – March 2021

The government have announced in England, that all children and young people will be returning to face to face learning at schools and colleges on the 8th March. For university students, those who are studying practical or practice-based subjects including creative arts, will also be returning face to face. For some people this is greatContinue reading “Back to School – March 2021”

Support for students in 6th Form/College

Some of these services are provided nationwide, and others will be limited to Surrey. Any age limits will also be mentioned below. Any underlined text is a link, so please click it if you would like more information about the service listed! We hope that you find these services helpful. If you or somebody elseContinue reading “Support for students in 6th Form/College”