Back To School Pack by Kooth

Kooth have created a ‘Back To School’ booklet with some tips and advice for students for going back to the classroom after lockdown. Here are some examples of tips included in this booklet: Negatives can become positives A positive mindset can move mountains One size doesn’t fit all Check out the PDF below to seeContinue reading “Back To School Pack by Kooth”

Surrey Youth Cabinet are celebrating World Water Week 2021!

World Water Week 2021 will take place 23rd-27th August 2021 under the theme Building Resilience Faster. It will be held entirely online, in a new, digital format designed to ensure that people across the world can work together to find solutions to the world’s greatest water-related challenges. One of our Youth Cabinet members has come up withContinue reading “Surrey Youth Cabinet are celebrating World Water Week 2021!”

Anxiety and me…

This blog has been written by 16 year old Jola, who is in the Surrey Youth Cabinet.  Over the past year, the effects of COVID-19 have not just become part of our external world – with masks and social distancing – but also our internal & personal world; There have been losses of different kindsContinue reading “Anxiety and me…”