Introducing Mindworks Surrey!

Mindworks Surrey is the new name for Surrey’s Emotional wellbeing and mental health service for children and young people! The name, and its vibrant branding, has been co-produced with you (children and young people) alongside families, carers, schools, GP’s and others! The Mindworks Surrey team love that the logo feels positive, upbeat, and reflects differentContinue reading “Introducing Mindworks Surrey!”

Phobias and Disorders: Where Surrey young people can get support.

This blog has been written by 20-year-old Sherie Barnett, a UVP Apprentice doing Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship! Hi guys! My name is Sherie Barnett, and I am a UVP Apprentice and the current Lead Apprentice for CYA Staines 😊. My interest has always been in Psychology and Biology. I studied both in college, butContinue reading “Phobias and Disorders: Where Surrey young people can get support.”

Back To School Pack by Kooth

Kooth have created a ‘Back To School’ booklet with some tips and advice for students for going back to the classroom after lockdown. Here are some examples of tips included in this booklet: Negatives can become positives A positive mindset can move mountains One size doesn’t fit all Check out the PDF below to seeContinue reading “Back To School Pack by Kooth”