Young Adult Safe Haven Guildford Visit

This blog was written by UVP Apprentice Sherie Barnett!

Following from Action Card 155 that you raised, ‘Young people would like to have more clarity on services available to young people. Perhaps have a mapping service for mental health services for young people up to 25’, this was taken to the Young Adult Reference Group (YARG), which hears feedback from young adults to help ensure there is emotional wellbeing and mental health support for 18-25 year olds.

This Action Card developed in depth and an amazing discussion happened at the YARG, that resulted in the pilot of the Young Adult Safe Haven! This launched in November 2021 and is situated in Guildford. The Young Adult Safe Haven is next door to the Adult Safe Haven, however, it has its own door for you to go through to make it feel more safe and separate.

On their website they say, “This new service will offer a safe place for young adults (18-25 year olds) to talk openly and confidentially about their feelings and emotions with peers and young adult support workers.” It is open from 5pm-9pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

We visited the Young Adult Safe Haven on 3rd March 2022 to check out the space and hear more from the workers. Below are some pictures:

Who works there?

The team consists of two new Young Adult Support Workers (either from Catalyst and/or Oakleaf) who will provide emotional support for young adults if needed and signpost as required. Should you go to the Young Adult Safe Haven in crisis, they will signpost you to the existing Safe Haven and you will be seen by a Mental Health Practitioner.

As the UVP Team, we were very happy with the set up of the Young Adult Safe Haven. The atmosphere was very friendly, calming and safe. We provided some feedback which we think would help add more to the space to make any young adult feel more at ease when using the service:

  • Fidget toys would be great for any young adult who needs a distraction or has Additional Needs and/or Disabilities (AN/D)
  • Bean bags would be beneficial for young people and provides more of a comfortable environment
  • Having some art supplies as for some young people this helps with their mental health
  • Maybe have a poster on the front door saying who the staff are and their job roles
  • Maybe have some snacks as food is sometimes used for comfort

If you would like more information on the Young Adult Safe Haven, here’s the link to their website!

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