New 24/7 Crisis Line

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) have now released a new 24/7 Crisis Line!

There is now a new crisis line number to call if you’re worried about yourself, or your family are worried about you. It will be open all day and night, every day of the week.

The number is 0800 9154644. It’s free and no referral is needed and, when you call, you will be able to speak to a trained professional who will listen carefully and then look to help and support you.

The new crisis line provides support, advice and signposting for children, young people and their families and carers who are having a difficult time or are in crisis.

This is what CYA think about having a new 24/7 Crisis Line!

“It means to be able to call someone at 2am”

“Someone to tell you what your options are.”

Someone to listen to you”

CYA really liked the idea of having a 24/7 Crisis line that will actually be open and available whenever young people need it!

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