New Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service in Surrey

Children’s and young peoples mental health services are transforming in Surrey! A new alliance of organisations (NHS, National and Voluntary) will provide new and broader range of services for children, young people and their families.

Surrey has received a significant increase in funding which will improve and increase services. For example, more than 100 new staff over the next year or two, including new innovative roles and others to support new services.

The new approach will begin with phase one (April – September 2021). This will be a phased approach to ensure children, young people and their families are safe and well supported while changes are introduced.

A new Community Wellbeing Team has been created whose focus is on supporting young people in the community as soon as young people start to feel they are struggling. Over the coming year other new roles will be introduced to work in and with schools, and within the community to provide early support.

Other planned changes include:

– Neurodevelopmental Hub
– 24/7 Crisis Line
– An out-of-hours advice line for families
– Easier self-referral

The new service will be using the THRIVE framework. The main emphasis is giving children and young people a central voice in the decision about their care. In the THRIVE Model there are 5 different needs base groupings:

1. Those who need advice and signposting to information and support – this will be called ‘Getting Advice’.

2. Those who need focused, goals-based input (such as overcoming anxiety in social settings) – this will be called ‘Getting Help’.

3. Those who need more extensive and specialised goals-based help (such as struggling with eating disorders) – This will be called ‘Getting More Help’.

4. Those who have been unable to use help, or for whom help has not resolved their difficulties, but are still of real concern to professionals and those that love them (such as homeless children or children not in education) – This will be called ‘Getting Risk Support’.

5. Those who will benefit from prevention and promotion strategies that will help them maintain their own mental wellbeing. This will be called ‘Thriving’.

Below is a link to an animation explaining the THRIVE approach:

The new service will be provided by an alliance of partners including:
– The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust
– Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
– The Surrey Wellbeing Partnership, a group of local and national organisations. These are:
1. Barnardo’s
2. The East to West Trust
3. The Eikon Charity,
4. Emerge
5. Learning Space
6. Leatherhead Youth Project
7. The Matrix Trust
8. The National Autistic Society
9. Peer Productions
10. Relate West Surrey
11. Step by Step Partnership Ltd
12. Surrey Care Trust
13. YMCA East Surrey.

Please see the below link for further detailed information on the new Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service in Surrey. Let us know your thoughts!

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