What participation means to young people in Surrey

In October to December 2020, the UVP team asked all participation groups what participation means, what the benefits are and why they think participation is important. Check out a few quotes from young people here!


“You can learn new things from participating, by joining in and having fun!”

It means to be part of something, but actively taking part. If you are watching on the side line it doesn’t count.”

I think it is about having your idea’s being counted towards a goal and have an influence on an outcome.”


“So, you can ensure that things are done right, for example your mum cooks a Shepard’s Pie but each time, she forgets the gravy. If you participated, you could make sure she puts the gravy in.”

Participation is important because that’s the only way the services for young people can be involved, via the feedback young people give.”

Because other people can learn from experiences.”


“A benefit of participation is that we can change how our lives are run based on personal experiences and our choices, opposed to others deciding for us.”

“Participating in CYA helps me to make better decisions and gives me a great purpose that I had before joining.”

“Services can’t get feedback from the people tat use them to ensure that everything is being done in the best possible way.”

Join a UVP Participation group and have your voice heard! All our participation groups can be found below:

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