Student Space

We know that lots of young people have really struggled over the last year with the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

We wanted to share the Student Space website and the support they offer, with you. Their purpose is purely for supporting young people during the pandemic.

You can explore their website for a range of trusted information, services and tools to help you. There are 3 ways they can support during the pandemic:

  1. Provide access to dedicated support services for students, via phone, text, email or webchat
  2. Information and tools to help you through the challenges
  3. Help you to find out what support is available at your university

Support offered is safe, confidential and it’s also developed with students and student experts in wellbeing and mental health.

Check out The Student Space website for more information. They really do have lots of great resources and information!

Here is a snippet of their website:

Screen shot of the student space website showing some of the different information available for example Lockdown and self-isolation
Student Space website

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