Back to School – March 2021

The government have announced in England, that all children and young people will be returning to face to face learning at schools and colleges on the 8th March. For university students, those who are studying practical or practice-based subjects including creative arts, will also be returning face to face.

For some people this is great news; it’s been a long time coming and it’s exciting, but for others it may be a bit worrying. Everyone who will be returning to face to face education, will be feeling different about the situation and that’s okay! There’s been a lot of change over the last year!

Whether you are feeling worried, excited, stressed or relieved about returning to education, we wanted to share with you some advice and tips from Kooth. Check them out below!

And don’t forget, these top tips we shared at the end of last year; sometimes it’s the little things like taking a walk, being in fresh air or keeping to a small daily routine such as making the bed, that can make a huge difference to our mood!

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